Tips: Troubleshoot a BIOS Error

old Emachines desktop that recently developed a problem: “I installed a driver updater tool, and when I removed it, did something that changed my bios black screen when I start up and reads: ..” System BIOS Shadow Check the time and date settings System CMOS checksum bad default configuration -. ‘”.
attempted to contact both Phoenix Technologies (maker of the BIOS) and eMachines, and neither company could help. (The BIOS is dated 2003, and the system itself is long out of warranty.)
Fortunately, this sounds like a fairly simple problem. I do not think the driver update utility is to blame, but an ill-timed CMOS battery failure. See, most desktop motherboards have a small battery that supplies power to the BIOS, even when the machine is turned off. This battery should last two years or it might last 10, but if you fail, you will often see an error message as above. (Your system will not be the right time to keep, if the clock is one of the elements supplied by the battery).

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