Why Boss is Always Right

For some people, the phrase is simply making them smile. But for some others, the sentence is to make them angry because his boss thought that deemed incompetent work.

Maybe you never met a boss who never seem to work, and only requires subordinates to do all the work for him. Or the boss who casually ask your own overtime every day, while he could leave early and walk to the mall with his family. Or a boss who simply blame you if there are problems in the company, when the problem occurs in part because of its policies as well. If you have this, it proper when the boss is always called right?

In fact, not all bosses like this. In fact, the number of bosses are annoying and incompetent work as you describe is not much in number. There are still many bosses who worked earnestly for the success of its business, and welfare for its employees, really.

If you feel that the boss has a policy that only troublesome employees and then hated it-may believe these things may

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