Human Capital Development

At first one of this field of human empowerment within the scope of work of many who use the name of the human resources department (HRD) which more or less literally mean as the field of human resources, which can be interpreted also as a provider of field labor and all things associated with the name of human or labor in this case as an employee in a company.
In practice, it seems that the practitioners in the field of human resources is to see the future of this field not only as a complement to the providers of labor, but serves more as a partner in running the business, so that this field not only as providers of labor (human resources), but the field This is more directed to the field of human resource management as an important capital or assets in the business itself, so the field is much to use the term human capital development.
The paradigm shift is finally followed by the development of which can be managed, resulting in some companies one of which divides the field with

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