Vitamin D Make Sperm Darting The Fast

A new finding says that the sperm can make a move most rapidly in men who had vitamin D levels are high. Research conducted on 300 healthy men was recently published in the journal Human Reproduction.

Of course, this temua gives new hope to those who have infertility problems.

The researchers found that the sperm of men who are deficient in vitamin D (less than 25 nanomoles per liter of blood) have less motility of sperm which has more than 75 nanomoles of vitamin D per liter of blood, said researcher Martin Blomberg Jensen from the Department of Growth and Reproduction at Home Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark.

The researchers also found that these benefits can be obtained by exposing sperm to the activated vitamin D, “activated vitamin D were able to induce sperm motility,” says Jensen. The sun usually play a role in activating vitamin D in our skin.

This study suggests that vitamin D is needed to overcome the problem of reproduction in males. But Jensen adds

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