How To Know Google AdSense Account Disable or Banned ?

There are among you who have experienced the “Google AdSense Account Disabled” or better known as the Google AdSense Banned? for those of you who have been in the program long enough, I’m sure you also never feel this way even if only once, because I myself have experienced this 3 times, recently one of my AdSense account got banned for a total return of my account terbanned already since several years ago into 3 pieces, with the same name that is my own name, and unfortunately there are still about 400 Earnings of U.S. $ which have not been paid for that with sincerity should change hands to the charity at the discretion of Google AdSense
I myself was not too bothered anyway, because I still have 2 other Google AdSense Accounts on behalf of my brother and father, and after yesterday tried to register again with the same name was [name of the new I wrote to the Banned], Thank God I was already Approve and get back in the new account again with my name that has been banned three

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