How To Create A Modern Website With HTML5 And CSS3 Part 1

This tutorial requires some basic experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is assumed that you are aware of what an HTML tag or attribute is what it means, the basic syntax of HTML code, the general structure of a Web page, and so on. What is the CSS, it is expected to be familiar with the item, the class and id-based selectors, the CSS syntax for the property, and how to incorporate CSS web pages on-line or external style sheets. Finally, it is assumed that you have some knowledge of JavaScript, such as variables, functions, if statements, and the cycle, and how to add JavaScript code in web pages. If you feel you need to relive one of these techniques before you begin, go to the Resources section useful tutorials and articles that will bring you up to speed on the basics HTML, CSS and JavaScript development.
Over the past decade, concepts such as Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), and the Semantic Web are all driven HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and too great concessions,

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