How To Tweak Windows 7 For Netbooks

Now that it’s official that Microsoft will not comeup with a Windows 7 for netbooks, its pretty clear that we must refine Win7 on my own. According to a report of the bank boards in 2008 to 14,900,000 netbooks were sold with the number expected to almost double or triple in 2009. Netbooks are great secondary PC when you want a very portable and cheap to make basic computer. Many come with Windows XP Home Edition, but it is not as fun and useful to use than Windows 7

How many of you have downloaded Windows 7, my netbook, and it only works OK. The key to speeding up Windows 7, a netbook with limited resources is to turn off or disable the features you need. After all, this is a netbook, and many Windows components, which are never used. In addition to disabling the UN the necessary components to extend battery life, because a smaller number of processes running in the background using the CPU.

1. Fine Tune Visual Graphics/Animation Settings

Windows 7 feast for the eyes

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