Google Adsense Optimization Tips

Adsense is used by the publisher in the world – and Google has indicated that from 68% of revenue with publishers. Google does a great job of optimization, but it certainly does not mean that there is room for improvement Here are ten tips to optimize Adsense.
Integrate Adsense In Google Analytics
It is easy to integrate Google AdSense reports in Google Analytics. This shows the performance of Adsense page. This data is like gold, because it allows you see specific areas and how the pages of your site in terms of running the Adsense CPM. So you can see firsthand what works and what not – and make optimizations based on that ..

Drive Traffic To Your Highest CPM Areas

Once you know the Adsense CPM in specific areas of your site – you can drive more traffic to the higher areas of the PRC. For example, if you have a category for your site on your home page – must take into account the specific category that produces most of the CMP.

Be Aggressive

Google has

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