H1/H2 Optimization Techniques

Quick tutorial to show how your title tags, H1 tags, H2 tags to optimize your SEO results to optimize and rank slightly better than the default theme

UPDATE – H1/H2 Title tag Optimization Tutorial Video Audio Fixed!
Open the following files in your theme in a text editor of your choice (I use Dreamweaver, what a find / replace option on all open files) This title H1/H2 optimization guide currently applies to versions 3.1.x and Artisteer .


Dreamweaver Tip!If you have any files open at once, you can find in Dreamweaver / all “Open Documents” and replacing it to speed up!
find and replace in Artisteer 2.4

First, find
h1.art-logo-name, h1.art-logo-name a, h1.art-logo-name a:link, h1.art-logo-name a:visited, h1.art-logo-name a:hover

and replace them with . . .
h2.art-logo-name, h2.art-logo-name a, h2.art-logo-name a:link, h2.art-logo-name a:visited, h2.art-logo-name

H1/H2 Optimization Techniques


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