Android General Tips & Tricks

Android General Tips & Tricks

If your phone is in silent mode, you can quickly re-enable the ringer by pressing the Volume Up button hardware.
If your phone on silent mode, pressing the volume down hardware button will vibrate.
Turning your phone upside down when a call is received, the sound of the ringtone. Pressing the Volume Down key will have the same effect.
When using the on-screen keyboard, the best way to end a sentence is to double tap the space bar: it will be a full stop, space, and capitalize the next letter.
Would you want to edit a text, such as a text, and a hard time getting to the right place by tapping the screen have, slide your finger in any direction on the trackball to the right place.
Double click on a word will select it in writing with the on-screen keyboard.
You can also use the trackball to toggle between your home screen by sliding your finger over it.
In long lists, such as your contacts or songs in your music collection, flick the

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