Tips for Speeding up KDE / Kubuntu

One of the problems that some users using the KDE desktop environment is a distribution of the heavy and unresponsive.

In fact, just do some research on KDE to see that many users report this problem indicate that, even if the KDE team seems to have “lightweight” desktop environment especially in the new 4.7.x.
KDE is an innovative desktop environment to look beautiful, fully customizable and is designed for any type of user. A major problem that once installed give “weight” in our desktop environment is mainly due to the default configuration that uses a lot of effects (some useless) and other settings where if you have a PC workstation with a lots of RAM without problems, but if your PC is dated or poor definitely slower and not just KDE.
We can speed up KDE? In this article we will try to give tips to speed up KDE all with ease.
First we apply our KDE minimizing the use of the CPU to do it from the menu go to System Settings and go to the appearance of applications and select

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