How To Creating A Bootable USB Device On Linux Mint 11

Linux Mint 11 need about 4.7 gigabytes of free space on your hard drive, so make sure your computer has at least that amount of space available. I’m using a stick 8 gigabytes, which is enough to install Mint on it and also have some space left to store data. In my case, I installed Linux Mint on a USB device 11, but should work similarly with other systems. To create a boot disk, you need either an ISO image of the desired system or a real DVD Linux Linux.

Formatting And Installing
The first thing to do is open the Control Center main menu. In the hardware group, is an application called Boot Disk Creator, which must be open. Once Klick, a new window will appear.

You will be prompted to insert the boot disk must be written in your USB device. Now you can insert a disc in your drive oder navigate through your system to find a DVD ISO image of a bootable Linux Mint. The second step is to select the device that the image will be written. Entering a USB device with a minimum

How To Creating A Bootable USB Device On Linux Mint 11


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